Please note this feature is a chargeable module that is not included in our standard Fixflo subscription. Please email or your CSM for more details.

If you want to know how to create custom saved searches please review this guide here.

To help you create the best custom dashboards possible, please find a list of service event specific examples and options available, that might be useful to include for your business and team.

Tracking the status of key statutory service events

As well as being able to track issues that are specifically planned maintenance, you can build dashboards based on the actual service event series themselves. 

For example, you could create a 'Compliance Dashboard' that tracks all key statutory events and how many are overdue of each, plus how many are due within the next month, week, couple of months etc.

If you are using our 'Requires review' feature on service events (after the issue has been closed, the service event needs to be reviewed and marked as compliant/remedials added if necessary) you can track how many are at this status too.

Example for service events in private dwellings:

Example for service events in communal dwellings:

Example of Compliance at a Block/Property level:

To create different panels, please hover over a panel and click 'More options' > 'Configure'. From here you can change the layout of the panel, for example to a bubble, bubble-list or pie-chart as required: