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Please note this feature is available within the Fixflo Manager package. Please email or your CSM if you're interested in upgrading your Fixflo subscription.

One of the benefits of creating multiple custom dashboards is that you can set different dashboards as default for the different people in your team depending on their role and what is most relevant to them. It is important to put each role/person's hat on and think about the key things that they need to know and track to do their jobs to the best of their ability - any dashboard they use should be set up in a way to reflect this.

Examples of why this is useful:

  • If you have a separate team that only looks after compliance/service events, give them a dashboard that excludes reactive repairs so they are only looking at issues relevant to them. Ensure it is obvious what is overdue and needs their attention to ensure they keep on top of their workload
  • Some managers may not be involved in the day to day management of repairs but may need to see key stats and understand how their team is performing so a snapshot view is best for them (e.g. they don't need lists of specific issues or need to see most recent comments sent, but key metrics about total open issues, overdue issues etc)
  • If your repair and maintenance team is broken down into specialised functions e.g. a team that manages incoming calls and emails vs a team that manage contractors and ensure jobs get completed, they have very different KPIs and will need to see and use Fixflo differently

Once you have gone through the exercise of creating multiple dashboards for the different roles and functions within your repair and maintenance team, you can apply the most relevant default dashboard to each user.

To do this, please go to 'People' > 'Agents' and click on the relevant agent:

There is then a 'Default Dashboard' dropdown where you can select which dashboard you want to set for that agent. Simply select the option and press 'Save'.

When the agent next logs into their Fixflo account, they will see the dashboard you have selected, rather than the private dashboard they had prior. 

Tracking who has which dashboard:

To make it easy to track who in your team has which dashboard you can go to 'Setup' > 'Manage dashboards':

You can then see a list of all dashboards that you have created and which ones are set as default for your agents:

If you click on the 'Default for X users' you will be taken to a list of the agents that have this dashboard as their default:

We can see here that Kelly is the only agent with the SLA Dashboard set as a default: