To help assist with remote working and handling repairs & maintenance during the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to highlight a number of new and existing Fixflo features that may be useful for you and your team at this time.

COVID-19 Occupier Questions

We have released a series of questions that can be switched on, forcing the reporting occupier to provide information about their - and anyone else residing at the property - COVID-19 circumstances.

This is extremely useful in the current climate, as it will provide you with the most up-to-date information on that managed property. To switch these on, an Administrator on your account can click via Setup > Settings, where they can switch the questions on or off.

Your selected questions will then appear on your reporting site like the below: 

If you use Fixflo for Block Management, PRS or BTR, your occupiers will only see these questions for private issues. They will not appear on communal issues.

Your occupiers answers will appear on the issue report emails you receive & the attached PDF:

They will also appear under the Details tab on each issue: 

Reports & Insights

Fixflo reports can be an essential tool for tracking property management performance and we have also added a few new report to help managers with business insights. We suggest that you set the following reports to auto send to you at the frequency suggested:

  • Count of comments sent, per agent - send daily showing the data from 'Yesterday'
  • Count of status changes, per agent - send daily showing the data from 'Yesterday'
  • Issues - Time to first action - send daily showing the data from 'Yesterday' 
  • Average time to close issues, per agent - send weekly
  • Issues by status, per agent - send weekly
  • Issues closed, per agent - send daily showing the data from 'Yesterday'
  • Issues - issues on hold - send weekly

To schedule new reports to be sent to yourself follow the steps below:

1. Click on Reports and click into the desired report you are after. Some reports will have a date range option, which you can amend as desired:

2. Click into the More options button. You can specify on which days you want the report sent, the time of day, and if you want anyone in CC. Please note, the system will automatically select the email address registered with your profile, plus any email addresses in CC.

3. Once you are happy, hit Save and send now, so that you can know what to expect on the next selected day:

Issues on hold

As of 25th March 2020, the Government has said that maintenance work can go ahead, however, due to the large number of occupiers who are self-isolating and reduced contractor availability, it is expected that some repairs will have to be delayed. 

We recommend that you put all of these issues 'On Hold' in Fixflo so that you can specify a reason & add a reminder date do that the issue does not get forgotten about.

One each issue you can:

  • Move the chase date forward to a future date that you wish to revisit this issue. The issue will return to your 'Issues requiring action' list on this date. 
  • Click on the 'Place issue on hold' button, and provide a hold reason

We advise that you select the dashboard panel titled 'Issues on hold' to help you to monitor these issues and schedule the 'Issues On-hold report' as mentioned above.