Industry type - Lettings

Available with - Essentials

Please note that access to Fixflo's Contractor Marketplace is a paid feature

Fixflo integrates with Help me Fix so that tenants can report maintenance issues and be directed straight to the suppliers at Help me Fix, providing an online connection to experienced professionals to diagnose - or even resolve - maintenance issues without a site visit.

To use this integration, clients will need to have both a Fixflo and a Help me Fix subscription. It will only be available to Fixflo clients on Essentials or Professional. Help me Fix is set up as a contractor network on Fixflo, so agencies will need to accept the T&Cs for this network before being able to instruct issues to them. Please click here for a guide on how to do this.

Please also click here for a brief video demo on Help me Fix.

How it works

When an issue is instructed to Help me Fix, the occupier receives an email from Fixflo, informing them of this:

This will be followed by an email from Help me Fix with the Help me Fix video link:

This will take then connect them to an engineer via video:

Once the call has ended, the issue status will be set to Job completed, ready for closure:

The Help me Fix Engineer will also create a report and this will be sent back to the issue in Fixflo, and attached as a job completion document.

The HMF link remains active for 24 hours, and can be used multiple times within this period. This provides your tenant with flexibility of when to call, and peace of mind that they can always call again.

In addition, we have an issue search filter to identify right away which issues have been raised by Help Me Fix. We can find this filter by going to Issues > Dropdown menu

Scroll down until you reach the filter 'Raised by user role' > Select Contractor > Search

You can also use the filter 'Contractor Network' - Help Me Fix

Job Outcomes

1) Issue permanently resolved by Help me Fix Engineer

E.g. The Occupier reports the boiler not working > HMF engineer explains how to repressurize the boiler > Problem solved, no need for further work.

The HMF engineer submits a report, and once the link expires after 24 hours, the issue is marked as Job complete in Fixflo.

2) Issue temporarily fixed, further works required

E.g. The Occupier reports the boiler is not working > HMF engineer explains how to reset the boiler which temporarily restores heating, but the HMF engineer diagnoses that a new part needs to be fitted, to permanently resolve the issue. 

The HMF engineer writes a report with all the triaging information gathered, and sends this report back to Fixflo via API. This creates a new issue in Fixflo, with the original issue information included AND the triaging information added by HMF. This issue will be linked to the original one, and will be called an issue for further works.

The original issue will be set as Job complete once the HMF link expires after 24 hours. The further works issue will be in the status Awaiting Instruction, for the agency to deal with using their usual workflows.

3) Issue not resolved, immediate action required

E.g. The Occupier reports that the boiler has died, and it is the middle of winter > The HMF engineer cannot resolve the problem via video call > An urgent, in person fix is required.

The HMF engineer creates a new further works issue via API, with 'Is Emergency' set to YES. The new issue includes all the original issue information AND the triaging information added by HMF. 

If the agency has a co-pilot rule set up to instruct emergencies to an OOH network/contractor then this rule will run - we'll be encouraging HMF customers to follow this workflow, to give the best service to their occupiers.

The original issue has the HMF completion report attached, and is set to Job complete in Fixflo.

Important to note that, because the HMF link is valid for 24 hours and can be used multiple times, it's possible for occupiers to use it more than twice, which the above scenarios do not detail.

IF an occupier uses the link again AND the issue remains a non-emergency, THEN further updates are posted as a comment on the secondary (further works) issue.

IF an occupier uses the link again AND the issue has become an emergency, THEN a new issue is raised with IsEmergency = YES in Fixflo.

Any scenario will only ever lead to a maximum of THREE issues being created in Fixflo. All the issues will be linked to each other.

In addition,  please find attached a list of all fault types covered by the network, alongside a PDF document showing the Help Me Fix rates.