Industry type - Lettings

Available with - Essentials

Please note that access to Fixflo's Contractor Marketplace is a paid feature

Fixflo integrates with Help me Fix so that tenants can report maintenance issues and be directed straight to the suppliers at Help me Fix, providing an online connection to experienced professionals to diagnose - or even resolve - maintenance issues without a site visit.

This operates through a video-call triaging software operated by vetted, expert suppliers, allowing you to diagnose the issue effectively so that only one physical call-out is needed. For more information on how the integration works, please click here.

Accepting Help Me Fix as a Contractor Network

In order to have access to the Help me Fix integration, you must accept the Contractor Marketplace T&Cs; any Administrator user can achieve this via Setup > Settings > T&Cs > Additional feature - Contractor marketplace :

Please make sure you read the whole agreement.

Once you're happy, tick I agree and click on Save.

If you have not previously used a contractor network, you will be required to add details about your business and director, as well as configure a direct debit mandate by adding your bank details.

Within the Contractor marketplace feature, navigate to the Director's details tab; here, you will be required to enter two separate fields:

  • Business details - these are the legal details for your business and are required to adhere to KYC regulations

  • Director's details - this must be someone who is legally entitled to act on behalf of the business

Finally, please review the Settings tab; this provides you with the ability to apply an additional management fee for works undertaken by Help Me Fix if you are a VAT registered company. Once VAT details are applied, go back to the Contractor networks tab and scroll down to Help Me Fix; here, use 'Edit setup' and apply the management fee as required (as a percentage or a fixed fee):


Setting up Co-pilot Rules

After accepting terms via the Contractor Marketplace, you will then need to set up a Co-pilot rule for Help me Fix.

Co-pilot is Fixflo's automation tool (which can be found at the bottom of the Left-hand Menu), allowing you to create rules for situations for parameters stipulated by you. For example, you can configure a rule based on a set of criteria based on fault type, time of day/week, the severity of issue etc to auto-instruct to the team at Help me Fix.

1. Navigate to the 'Issue creation' tab to create an instruction rule to Help me Fix, and click 'Add rule':

2. Choose one of the below Help me Fix rules:

3. Check over your rule! Make sure you are familiar with the filters in place, and select 'Rule is enabled' once you're happy, and then hit save!

Instructing Out of Hours Emergency Jobs

Once your Help me Fix rules are set up, you can also create Co-pilot Rules to assign any Help me Fix triaged issues, stamped as emergencies, during out-of-hours, to PropCall. (Please make sure their terms are accepted first via the Contractor Marketplace).

1. Navigate to the 'Issue creation' tab and click 'Add rule':

2. Choose one of the below rules to instruct triaged OOH emergencies to either Propcall: