Industry type - all

Available with - Essentials

Property/Unit profiles are known by their addresses. Sometimes occupiers might raise issues using a slightly different address from that recorded on your Fixflo system (if your settings permit this - guide on issue submission options here).

For example, if somebody enters an address as 'Fixflo House, 9, Larcom Street', and someone else, such as an occupier or agent, enters 'Fixflo House, Nine, Larcom Street', this would result in a separate property record in Fixflo. This can cause duplicate properties, which can get fairly annoying! It's important to keep your data clean, so that you can be confident in saying that all of your properties are accurate, have landlords attached etc.

To merge the two property profiles into one, you can follow these steps:

Go to the Addresses tab from within a Property (or Unit) profile. Here, you will find a list of all the other (possible duplicate) addresses available for merging. The system will try to suggest possible duplicates, by putting in bold any recognised data.

Once you find the profile(s) you want to merge, you can simply click Merge on the right-hand side of the result to do just that:

Additionally, you can select multiple properties at once and then by clicking on 'Merge selected addresses ' you will then merge the selected properties to the main property.

This helps to speed up the process for you, helping keep your data tidy!

Once you have merged the profile(s), all of the issues associated with that property will now be in one place, as well as any Occupier or Landlord profiles.

If you want to amend the profile which is considered the primary address, simply go to the Addresses tab and hit the relevant button:

If you have accidentally merged the wrong property to one of your existing properties you can easily remove it by going to the property you have merged click on 'Addresses'  and when you are here you will see a section that says other addresses for this property. Click 'x' on the property you don't want merged and it will then separate the two addresses.

You can edit the address of a property by clicking 'here to add new address', 

You can then edit the address to appear as you would like it, save and then mark this as the primary address.