Industry type - all

Available with -  Manager

If you want to know how to create custom saved searches please review this guide here.

To help you create the best custom dashboards possible, please find a list of property/unit/building-specific examples and options available, that might be useful to include for your business and team. 

Tracking property entities with or without external references

Keeping on top of your data and ensuring that it's as clean as possible will result in better usage of Fixflo. If your Fixflo instance is fully integrated with a software partner, your data may be syncing from another tool (see guides here). As such, you do not want to have properties which exist in Fixflo but don't exist in your partner software.

An easy way to track and keep on top of this is to create a panel of property profiles with no external reference:

This saved search is configured within your property list using 'Has external ref' = No:

If property profiles are ever accidentally created by your team, you can simply click into this list and merge them (guide here) as necessary.

Tracking property entities with warranty information

If you're using the Fixflo warranty feature, it becomes important to be aware of which properties are in a warranty period, and when warranties are due to end.  As such, you may want to consider building a warranty tracking dashboard to keep on top of this information, and prioritise open issues with warranties due to end soon:

Do check out some more suggested options for tracking warranties on dashboards here.