Release Date 02/05/2023

Get started with Fixflo's contractor marketplace

You can now use our contractor marketplace to resolve emergency out of hours repairs, planned maintenance issues, reactive jobs and video maintenance. To find out more about this offering and request a call back simply log into Fixflo and click on 'Contractor marketplace' on your left hand menu sidebar: 

We will get back to you within one business day and would be happy to help you get set up with our marketplace for the jobs you want. 

Release Date 30/03/2023

Improvements when filtering issues by property tag

You can now filter out your issue search by not just one, but multiple property tags when you click on 'Issues' > 'Issue search' on Fixflo: 

Release Date 15/03/2023

Brand new contractor compliance page

Fixflo is proud to introduce our new and improved contractor compliance page. It is now easier than ever for you and your team to see, at a glance, whether or not your contractors have got valid certification. 

Watch this short video for more information on this. 

Tokens available for comments templates

We have made some improvements to our recently created comments templates which allows you to now add tokens to these templates - helping to ensure that you can easily personalise these messages when you send them out! You can easily add tokens to input the occupier's name, landlord's name or IS number, just to name a few examples!

Release Date 01/03/2023

Ability to add that an appointment has been missed

Not all appointments which are made always go ahead - so we have added the ability to be able to log this on Fixflo. 

Once an appointment has been made it will sit on the 'Appointments' tab and there is a brand new 'Appointment missed' button. This will be available for you, the occupier or the person awarded the job: 

A reason will be provided, and the reason options will vary depending on who has logged in to report this. Below is an example of what you would see: 

You can read more about this feature here.

Introducing document tags

You have most likely heard of issue tags and property tags - we have now added document tags to Fixflo too!

To add a tag to a document simply click into an issue, select the 'Documents' tab and then go into the desired document. You can add tags to the top of the document as shown below: 

You can also search using 'Tags' when looking through these documents. 

Release Date 02/02/2023

Ability to archive individual service events

You have always been able to archive a series of service events and we have now made it possible for you to do this for a one off event too. 

 Mistakes happen, so we are making it easier for you to fix any which you may come across!

To do this simply click into the Works Planner of a property, click into the service event you wish to archive, scroll down and select 'Archive'.

You will now be asked whether you would like to leave or close the open issues linked to the service event. Once you have confirmed, the service event will be archived and will disappear from the service event series: 


Release Date 23/01/2023

Templates for comments

To help save you and your team time we have added the ability to create templates which you can then import onto the 'Comments' tab on any issue. Rather than typing the same thing again and again - simply add it as a template! You must have Administrator rights to create new templates, but any agent will be able to use these. 

Please note that templates are available for Fixflo Professional and Fixflo Manager packages only. Please contact if you would like to upgrade your account. 

You can read more about how to use these templates here.