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Release Date 14/11/2022

New insights dashboard

You now have access to a brand new dashboard! This is brilliant to help you and your team track KPIs, boost productivity and ultimately increase your return on investment. To access this simply click on the dropdown arrow from your provate dashboard and then select 'Insights' dashboard:

Release Date 29/09/2022

New promotion flyers

We have updated your occupier and landlord promotion flyer, and we have created a new contractor promotion flyer. These can be used to help you promote Fixflo to your key stakeholders, encouraging them to use Fixflo. You can find these in the 'Promote' section on Fixflo, within the relevant stakeholder sections. 

Release Date 16/09/2022

Your occupier reporting portal has had a facelift!

Your occupier reporting portal has just got even better! Not only does it look slicker, it is also quicker for occupiers to report issues and it's now more mobile friendly! Check out the new look below: 

Release Date 05/09/2022

Bulk update your service events to amend requires review

With Fixflo's Planned Maintenance tool you can set your service events to require review if you wish. If you have added service events in the past and either set this or not by mistake you can now bulk amend this - saving you and your team time. 

New Co-pilot filter
You can set up a pre-issue creation rule on Co-pilot to ask your occupiers whether or not the issue which they are reporting is an emergency. 

If this 'pre-issue creation' rule is turned on then you can set up a filter on your 'Issue creation' rules to set issues which have been reported as an emergency to automate. This new filter allows you be make your rules even more granular than before.

COVID-19 questions

We have removed the COVID-19 questions from Fixflo. You can find information here on why.

Release Date 18/08/2022

Ability to notify multiple user types via Co-pilot

Co-pilot allows you to create rules and automate actions within Fixflo. For example, you may want to auto-instruct all window jobs to a specific glazier. Fixflo now allows you to do this while also notifying different parties - this aids you in providing specific information to the correct people. 

As demonstrated below, you can send multiple 'Notify' actions to specific user types, keeping them in the loop and providing suitable text information:

Block and BTR updates

Pop-up when agents reporting duplicate communal faults

For those who raise jobs internally via agent users, a new pre-issue creation Co-pilot feature to check for duplicate reports is available. This can be configured within Co-pilot using the 'Pre-issue creation' tab, and the action 'Check for duplicates':

Should an agent profile be raising a job against a communal fault type already open at that specific unit/property, a pop-up similar to the below will appear, warning them of the possibility of a duplicate job:

Please note this is only available to agent users creating jobs when logged in.

Release Date 22/07/2022

New integrations tab

You can now use the 'Integrations' tab on the left hand menu sidebar to set up your advanced integration and to better diagnose any integration issues you may have. For more information on this please find your specific integration guide. 

Filter out contractor certification by brand

If you have brands set up on Fixflo you can now filter out contractor certification by brands, making your life easier. 

Release Date 06/07/2022

Promote page - Contractor section

To assist with onboarding your contractors to Fixflo, a third section within 'Promote' has been added:

This provides you with quick and easy links that you can use internally to upskill yourselves, as well as articles you can provide to your contractor users.

Users without the permission 'Can export data'

User role permissions allow you to ensure your staff view specific areas of the system, edit certain entities and export data/reports - more information here. For users without the permission 'Can export data', the ability to configure and export reports is no longer available to them. Instead, they can set a date range on the report, but can only view the results within Fixflo:

Ability to copy dashboard panels to other dashboards

For those using the Multiple Dashboards feature, additional functionality has been added that enables users to quickly and efficiently copy a custom (or system-defined) dashboard panel to another dashboard:

This helps speed up the process of creating dashboards for your users!

Release Date 23/06/2022

Bulk send your welcome text message to occupiers

You can now easily send a welcome text message to your occupiers to help promote your Fixflo site and increase the usage of your system. 

Please click here to see how to text your occupiers. 

We also have a free Promotion Course on Fixflo Academy, giving you all of the tips on how you can best promote your Fixflo site to your occupiers and see a higher return on your investment. Here is a short video on how you can sign up!

Release Date 08/06/2022

Filtering by 'Landlord' within service events

To aid in reporting on a per landlord basis (ie your client), a new filter has been added within the 'Service events' page for Fixflo Professional users:
This will allow you to pull all the relevant service events by landlord, where you can then use the bulk actions to amend the data where necessary and create saved searches for specific landlords using the multiple dashboards feature.

Active warranties - warning to agent

For those using the Fixflo Asset Warranty feature, when an active warranty (asset/block/property) is in place, Fixflo will prompt you to review the active warranties present, and also highlight whether multiple are in place (ie on both a building itself, and a linked asset):

This allows you to ensure you are aware of the relevant warranties, and instruct the job to the correct warranty contractor if required.

Release Date 27/05/2022

You can now add relationships between assets

You now have the ability to add parent or child assets to selected assets on your Fixflo site. This allows you to link assets, so you can have one ‘parent’ asset, such as a boiler, and as many ‘child’ assets related to that as you need. 

This allows you to set and use asset hierarchy and have separate warranties for various asset components if required. 

We have added new permissions to your user roles

We have now added user role permissions around planned maintenance, reports, the calendar view and being able to view people. This gives you more control as to what your users can see on Fixflo. 

This guide will help you to better understand user roles and permissions. 

Want to update your password? You can now do this within the system

If you would like to amend your password you can now easily do this when you are logged into Fixflo. Simply click on your profile, scroll down and press ‘Change password’:

Release Date 13/05/2022

Service event approval status on issues

For planned maintenance jobs created from a service event, the landlord approval status is now displayed within the 'Next steps' of the associated issue for full visibility:

Release Date 28/04/2022

Warranties against assets

To ensure you are not losing money and paying for works against assets under warranty, we have developed functionality to store warranty information at asset level:

This allows you to enter the relevant date information and the associated contractor if applicable. See notes below for guidance on how to add assets to jobs and how to instruct to warranty contractors!

Adding assets on issues

You can easily add your assets onto maintenance issues so that you know which assets are relevant to reported jobs. In turn, this prompts you to view the warranty in place against the asset. 

To add an asset to an issue, use the 'Actions' button and then select 'Add assets to issue':

Warranties tab on issues

Should your system have the warranty functionality switched on, a 'Warranties' tab will be visible on each issue; this will show either a property-level warranty (block/unit/property) or an asset warranty if the asset has been linked:

This provides you with oversight of relevant warranties, and the frame-work to ensure your team is instructing works to warranty contractors where applicable (see below).

Instructing contractor for warranty works

If a warranty contractor is present on the asset linked to the unit, or at the property itself, you will be provided with a clear overview of the warranty contractor(s) when instructing works:

This will help ensure you use the relevant contractor during this workflow.

Release Date 13/04/2022

Landlord approval for service events

We recently launched a feature allowing your landlords to provide their approval prior to the commencement of planned works. Having spoken to many clients and heard feedback, we've made extra iterations to this, including applying to all existing service events, auto-instructing to the landlord upon instruction date and more! Please refer to the full guide for more information.

New notification - sent when occupier presence changes

Should a colleague go to one of your jobs and manually edit whether occupier presence is required or not, an email will be triggered to the assigned agent of the issue. While this is quite a rate situation, it is important as an FYI! If required, this can be switched off at agency level or for specific users:

Dashboard 'Favourites'

If you're using the multiple dashboard feature and regularly need to use more than one dashboard, you now have the ability to mark your favourites; these will appear at the top of the list for you to select, rather than scrolling through multiple titles to find what you're looking for:

Release Date 30/03/2022

Ability to bulk archive service programmes and service events

Planned maintenance - available on Fixflo Professional - provides the ability to configure statutory and non-statutory service events to recur as required. In order to successfully use the module, your data needs to be accurate to ensure you remain compliant! To assist with this, the ability to bulk archive service programmes (ie a whole series of events) is available via Planned maintenance > Service programmes:

This list will show you an overview of each programme; the address, title and when the next event is due. Open the drop-down arrow to filter the data as necessary, and use the 'Options' button > 'Bulk archive' if you need to tidy your data:

The same functionality is also available via Planned maintenance > Service events, if you ever need to bulk archive single events!

Please note, only users with the permission 'Can edit agency settings' will have the ability to bulk archive service programmes. 

Multiple dashboards - active users overview

For clients with the multiple dashhboard feature (guide here), the ability to create saved searches cand dashboad panels based on user 'Last logged in date' is in place for occupiers, contractors, leaseholders and landlords:

This can help you work towards business KPIs, as well as assist in identifying data to cleanse when required.

Co-pilot 'Period' filter clarification

With Easter holidays approaching, we wanted to improve the user experience of Co-pilot to ensure the 'Period' filter clearly defines the volume of days it is set for. In the example below, the filter would apply the four days over Easter, ending 00:00 on 19th April:

For more information on how to use Co-pilot to automate workflows, please check out our video guides here.

Contractor user role statuses

It's important that contractors see jobs/quote requests in a status that is relevant to them; this may not necessarily be the status of the job that you as the agent see.
To assist with this, we've rolled out some specific contractor user role statuses to encompass these sceanarios. Examples include Quoted, JobDeclined, InvitedToQuote etc.

If you ever click on a contractor icon within a job, you can view the status of the job as they see it; note this is different from the issue status at the top of the screen:

Release Date 03/03/2022

Bulk reactivate properties functionality

We have now added a bulk 'Activate' button on the 'Properties' page, allowing you to easily bulk activate properties should they become fully managed again. To access this you'll need to click on 'Properties' > 'Options' > 'Bulk actions', and use the 'Activate' button as necessary:

Please ensure you filter properties to show 'Archived' first, and then use this functionality. 

Filtering issues reported by user role

Via 'Issues' > 'Issue search', a new filtering option called 'Raised by user role' has been added, so you can filter your jobs to view those specifically raised by landlords/contractors/agents etc. This is useful if you have a company target of increasing the proportion raised by occupiers, or decreasing the volumes raised by agents!

For clients using the multiple dashboards feature, you can also use this filter to create custom dashboard panels to view trends and volumes as required:

'Overall compliance' matrix tweak

The compliance matrix provides you with an overview of your planned works, indicating the percentages of compliance for relevant properties and event types. As an agent, you want to see the percentage of compliance for your whole portfolio rather than just the current page you are viewing. As such, the below percentage is calculated as an average of all the properties and this event series type, rather than just those displayed on the current page:

Internet Explorer 10 support

Starting June 15th 2022, certain versions of Windows 10 will stop supporting Internet Explorer altogether. Should you still be using IE, a banner will appear on your Fixflo system encouraging you to upgrade your browser. The suggested browser for best performance is Google Chrome. 

Block and BTR features:

Compliance matrix export - data transpose

When viewing the compliance matrix for buildings/blocks in-product, the various event names will display down the left-hand side of the screen. If exporting this data to a CSV file, the data will transpose, instead placing the buildings in column A. This makes it easier for you to filter by service type if required. 

Release Date 18/02/2022

Landlord approval for planned maintenance issues

Having run multiple focus groups and client interviews, we were made aware of the importance to get landlord/client approval prior to planned works being completed. As such, we have built a whole new feature allowing this to happen, providing you with a workflow to seek landlord advice, and an audit as to when said advice was provided.This is particularly useful for statutory requirements such as CP12s and EICRs, and shows your clients that you are on top of your compliance:

For a full and comprehensive guide on the landlord approval feature, please check out our guide here.

'Guaranteed rent' clients

If you operate a 'Guaranteed rent' portfolio, a new feature is available which prevents any occupier details from being exposed to the landlord; this includes phone numbers, emails and names.

If this is switched on, the landlord will see zero details about the reporting occupier. Instead, if they were to look at the job, it would be indicated that it was raised by the system:

This feature is available for free - please reach out to if you require more information.

Release Date 08/02/2022

Landlord notification for planned maintenance issues

We understand it's important you keep your clients in the loop when scheduling planned works at their properties. As such, a new email notification has been created to automatically inform a landlord that a job has been created off the back of a service event. This has the email subject 'Planned maintenance scheduled at [Address]:[service event title]':

This is configured within Setup > Settings > Notifications > Landlord notification defaults > Sent when a new service event issue is created.
Please note, this will be automatically switched on within your Fixflo account; please remove the notification if you do not wish this to be sent to landlords.

Ability to filter compliance matrix by agent or team

To assist with monitoring compliance, a new filtering option has been created on the compliance matrix, allowing you to filter by agent or team:
This makes it easier to report internally and keep on top of your own portfolio of properties!

Quoting for remedial works

The planned maintenance remedials workflow was previously driven by agents when completing the service event. We received feedback that contractors were using 'Quote for further works' instead, which was creating a new issue not linked to the service event; this also meant any instruction documents or linked assets were removed.

Contractors have now been provided with a 'Quote for remedial' button which they can use to create a new issue linked to the service event:

Once the remedial issue has been closed and the service event completed, the event will show as completed with remedials:

Occupier ability to view contractor details

A new settings switch has been created which will hide the contact details of the contractor from the occupier; this is held within Setup > Settings > Issue settings and the 'General' concertina:

From the occupier side, they will be provided with the contractor reference only:

Please note this setting will be switched to 'Yes' as a standard.

Block and BTR feature

'Stopwatch' for general enquiries

For clients using our general enquiries feature (guide here), we've increased functionality to allow you to monitor and track the time spent on resolving the enquiry. Simply switch the timer on within the enquiry, and carry on processing it as required; once actioned, do remember to switch the timer off!

Agents can then visit the 'Time spent' tab to monitor the total volume of time spent on the query (and edit if necessary) in order to accurately bill the customer.

Release Date 20/01/2022

Reapit advanced integration - fault details

The Fixflo advanced integration with Reapit (guide here) has been further iterated to ensure that occupier fault notes and contractor completion notes are synced into the works order within Reapit, providing full visibility of ongoing and completed maintenance issues:

Multiple dashboards - Compliance summary

For clients using the multiple dashboards feature (guide here), we have built the ability to group panels by compliance status if using a saved search of properties. This allows you to see - at a glance - an overview of your property/unit data and compliance statuses:

Release Date 07/01/2022

'Task to do' emails for occupiers, landlords and leaseholder-occupiers

We recently introduced the functionality to bulk-amend contractor 'Task to do' emails to your preferred scheduling settings (video guide here). Off the back of this success, we've applied the same functionality for other user types; occupiers and landlords for Lettings clients, plus leaseholders for Block clients:

As a reminder, these can be set against individual people profiles, or in bulk via Setup > Settings > Notifications. The default setting will be to 'Send every Monday'.
Each user themselves also has the ability to amend this within their profile:

Exporting the compliance matrix

Planned maintenance is a great feature of Fixflo Professional, allowing you to keep on top of statutory and non-statutory requirements. Being able to report on compliance is a key part of the feature, and the 'Compliance matrix' assists with this. We've now added the ability to export singular or all pages of the matrix to CSV as required:

Bulk deactivate entities (properties and people)

Similar to other bulk actions, Administrator users can now bulk deactivate different entities if required; these include properties/units and people entities (occupiers, contractors and landlords). To do this, use the Options button on the relevant dataset, click 'Bulk archive' and continue to select the relevant entities you'd like to archive: