Occupiers / reporting parties are able to provide fault notes when reporting maintenance issues; this free-text field allows them to enter important information about the fault they're experiencing.

There may be certain situations whereby a maintenance issue is reported, and the reporting party has used some language that you deem inappropriate. You therefore may not want this information displayed to your clients - landlords or external user profiles - even though you wish to use a workflow whereby they will need to interact with the maintenance job in Fixflo.

If this is the case, you are able to withhold occupier notes on a per-issue basis. Simply click the edit icon at issue-level (or Actions > Edit issue), and into the tab titled 'Occupier setup':

Here, you can decide whether you would like to hide the occupier notes - remember to hit 'Save' if you do amend this setting on this specific issue:

If you were to then involve the landlord on this job, they would be able to see all their usual fields (minus personal details of the reporting occupier) but would lose visibility of the fault detail field. This means they don't have to be exposed to inappropriate language, but can still be well-informed about other details of the issue at hand: