Industry type - all
Available with - Essentials

If an appointment is missed, this can be easily tracked on Fixflo. 

Appointments can be marked as missed by yourself (the agent), the occupier or the person who was instructed the job - the landlord or contractor. 

To mark an appointment as missed you can easily click into an issue which is at the issue status 'Awaiting job completion', go to the 'Appointments' tab and select that this has been missed: 

You will then be asked to give a reason for this missed appointment: 

If you select 'Other' you will need to give a reason for this: 

Once this has been added, this will show on the 'Audit' tab and the issue status will revert from 'Awaiting job completion' to 'Job awarded, awaiting appointment date': 

You will also be able to travel to the Appointments Tab > And identify the reason why the appointment was missed on the left-hand side of the box.

This will then allow the contractor to set a new appointment time and date.

If the occupier marks the appointment as missed then they will log into Fixflo, click onto the job, go to the 'Appointments' tab and select 'Appointment missed'. 

The options they have are below: 

Finally, if the contractor or landlord marks the appointment as missed they will see these options: 

All parties will need to provide a reason if they have selected 'Other'.

If two or more appointments are missed on the same job then the issue status will remain at the issue status 'Awaiting job completion'.