Industry type - all

Available with - Essentials

Benefits of custom dashboard configuration

  • You can choose the visual option that best represents the data you are trying to track rather than using our defaults
  • You can create one saved search but then choose to display it in multiple different ways to show different insights. This ensures you don't have to create 10s or 100s of different searches!
  • Track trends over time, not just static data at any one point in time

Display options available

  • Bubble with a count
  • Bubble list
  • Bar chart 
  • Horizontal bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • Line graph
  • Various lists grouped and ordered by different parameters

Grouping options available

The bar chart, pie chart and line graph options can be grouped by different data sets to help with splitting and tracking key metrics.

  • Create date (date when the issue was raised)
  • Assigned team 
  • Assigned user
  • Job completed (job completed date)
  • Issue status
  • Issue status changed (date)
  • Close reason
  • Priority
  • SLA metric status
  • SLA configuration
  • Assigned contractor
  • Fault type
  • Raised by user role

When using the 'list issues' options:

The system allows you to order them by:

  • Priority
  • Raised date
  • Comment received
  • Comment sent
  • Comment received or sent
  • Status changed
  • Job started date
  • Job completed date
  • Submitted invoice
  • Quote end date
  • Reminder date
  • Works due date

You can also choose the number of items that will appear on the panel.

Date options available

If you are grouping data by date, you can choose the below options to help show trends over time:

Configuring a dashboard tile

Any of your panels can easily be configured to show your data in the way you want to see it. 

Simply hover over the desired panel and click on 'More options' > 'Configure':

This will bring up the ability to choose the display option that you would like and it also gives you the ability to change the 'Panel Title' and 'Panel help text' to reflect what you are displaying. Press 'Save' to see your changes.