Industry type - all

Available with - all

Please note this feature is available within the Fixflo Manager package. Please email or your CSM for more details.

Some of these panels were created using the 'custom-saved searches'. If you want to know how to create saved searches, please see here for a guide on how to do so.

What are the benefits of configuring panels?

  • Can change the way data is presented, making it easier to have an overview of related issues/events
  • You are able to group the data with new options that were made specifically for Service events and Service Programmes.

How to configure a panel?

Once you have selected the relevant panels from either the preset panel list or one created from saved searches, you will be able to configure them! If you do not know how to add a panel to your dashboard, please see this article that goes through that.

Default panels will look something along the lines of these two. The one on the left-hand side is from the preset panel list whereas the one on the right-hand is from a saved search.

The way to start configuring a panel is to hover all the panels until you see the cog where you can click on this and click on the 'Configure' option.

Once here, you will be greeted with a pop-out window where you are able to make changes to the panel. Once here, you are able to change the way the data is viewed as. The different ways to view the data are the following options:

  • Bubble
  • Bar chart
  • Horiziontal Bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • Bubble list
  • List

For this example, the bar chart will be used. 

Once you have made the changes to the way the data is viewed, depending on what the 'View as' option is set, you will get a new option named 'Group by'. There are different 'Group by' options for both Service event-related panels and Service programme-related panels. For panels based on Service events, the 'Group by' option will be listed as below:

  • Due date
  • Service event status
  • Service programme definition
  • Assigned user
  • Reviewer user

Each option will then group the data and can transform how the data is presented. As you can see below, the data is easier to read than having to scroll down an entire list. The option selected for this example was the 'Service programme definition'.

Please note that, once a panel has changed, it will still be 100% interactive. This means you will be able to click into each column and be taken to the relevant part of Fixflo where the data is coming from.

For panels based around Service Programmes, the option for 'Group by' will be slightly different. As you can see, the options are listed below :

  • Service programme definition
  • Service programme Compliance
  • Is statutory 

Once you do select a 'Group by' option, much like the example before, the way the data is presented will change. In the example below, I selected the 'Service programme compliance state'.

These panels also work like regular panels, meaning they can be resized, changed, reconfigured and even deleted if need be so do not be afraid of playing around with the feature!