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'Reported issues to do' will appear on the top left hand corner of the default dashboard and can be considered as your first 'to do' list. 

It's important to note that it differs to the dashboard panel 'Reported issues'.

'Reported issues to do' can only be viewed as a circle with a number in it, showing how many issues are in this status and pre-defined query:

This panel is recommended as your first to do list as this shows you all of your issues which have the issue status 'Reported' and have a reminder date of either today's date or the past. 

Issue status:

Fixflo Essential and Fixflo Professional allow agents to manage maintenance issues from start to finish. As issues get progressed on Fixflo, they will go through several different issue statuses until they can be closed. 

The first issue status of any new reactive issue will always be 'Reported' unless it is automated via Co-pilot.

If an issue is in 'Reported', this means that the issue has been reported by the occupier, or perhaps you have reported the issue on their behalf, but no one has yet taken the next step to start resolving this issue. Therefore these issues need to be progressed before you do anything else, which is why we have made 'Reported issues to do' your first to do list.

Once you move a job on using one of the next steps available in the system the issue status will naturally update. 

Reminder date:

When the issue is reported, the issue will be added to the system as a reported issue and be given a reminder date which will match the exact time and date which the issue was reported. 

The reminder date will update naturally as an issue is updated and can also be manually updated if you wish. 

The difference between 'Reported issues' and 'Reported issues to do' on the dashboard is the reminder date functionality. There may be issues which you want to move the reminder date into the future but not actually progress the issue yet using the 'Next steps' available. 

An example of this may be a broken hoover. You may want to click into the issue and use the Comments tab to communicate with the occupier. You could send them a message to let them know that they can buy themselves a new hoover, provide them with a budget the landlord would be happy to reimburse and ask them to provide the receipt once they have purchased it. Please click here to learn more about the 'Comments' tab. 

Once you have messaged the occupier you will want to click back on the 'Next steps' tab of the issue where you can find the reminder date:

You can see there is a red circle with a number in it on the right hand side of the issue - the colour red symbolises that the reminder date is in the past and the number tells you by how many days.

You can click on the reminder date and move it to the future:

You can now see that the circle has turned green which highlights that the reminder date is now in the future and the number lets you know by how many days. 

You can clearly see that the issue status has not changed and is still at 'Reported' as a next step has not been taken:

As the reminder date is now in the future the issue will come out of your 'Reported issues to do' until that time and date comes around:

 The 'Reported issues' panel does not take the reminder date into account and so the issue will remain within that panel.