Once you have set up agents with restricted views on blocks, those agents will only be able to see the permissions which you have allowed on those particular blocks. 

The dashboard will default the user to their restricted buildings, so that their visibility is set upon logging into Fixflo to these buildings only. 

By clicking on 'Issues' > 'Issue search', the user will be limited to only seeing issues which are open for the restricted buildings. They will not have any oversight of other open issues at other blocks on your Fixflo site.

By clicking into an issue from this list, as long as 'Can edit issue' has been allowed the agent will be able to progress the issues and also send comments using the 'Comments' tab. 

If you are a Fixflo Professional customer and you have Planned Maintenance then these agents will be able to click on 'Properties' > 'Buildings'. From here they will only be able to see the buildings which are restricted to their view, and they can click into a building and they will be able to access the 'Works planner' tab. This will allow them to view planned maintenance for this building: 

Agents will also be able to create issues on behalf of occupiers and use the 'Send issue creation' link on Fixflo. 

Please be aware that this feature does not fully deny the agent access to other data, however it should make it extremely difficult for them to come across this.