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It is possible to configure agent assignment to properties and landlords within Fixflo. Once jobs are raised at the relevant properties or landlords, the agent will automatically be assigned as the issue owner, which you can view at any time in Fixflo. 

To do this you would need to go into the agent's profile via People > Agents and into an agent profile.

Within the profile, click into the 'Issue allocations' tab to view the allocations for this agent.

Once you click on Issue allocations you will then see a list of issues that range from open issues, property assignment and landlord assignment. Please note, if you are a Fixflo Basic customer you will only see a list of postcodes you have been assigned to. 

As we can see the list above is comprised of specific assignments and listed in detail below:

Open issues: These are all open issues which have been assigned to yourself

Property assignment: These are all issues where agents and teams are automatically allocated issues related to a property they have been assigned to. To find out how to assign an agent to a specific property click here

Landlord assignment: Similarly to property assignment an agent or a team can assign themselves to be automatically allocated to receive issues related to a landlord

Property manager: Agents have the ability to set themselves as property managers. Please note, this is different from issue assignment. When assigning yourself as a property manger you would usually be the person with budgetary responsibility for the property

Service events in progress: Service events can be used to manage any type of planned work. You will be reminded that you have works to complete by looking at this section

Service events awaiting review: This is similar to the above. The difference is that awaiting review is the status a service event has when an event has an issue that has been closed and the service event is ready to be completed

Postcode assignment: This is a list of postcodes allocated to the agent. The agent will be assigned issues and receive notifications