Industry type - Block, BTR and Commercial

Available with -  Manager

Please note that this feature is only available if you have set up blocks and units.

When you set up agents with a restricted view it is vital that you set the correct permissions for the user role. 

To do this we recommend that you login to Fixflo and click on 'People' > 'User roles'. You will want to click on 'Add role' at the top of the page to add a whole new user role for these agents.

You will then be taken to a page where you will be able to set up this new user role with their permissions. 

Add a user role name, for example 'Restricted agent', and then go through all of the permissions available to you. You will need to ensure that 'Has unrestricted view' is not ticked. 

We recommend that you set as few permissions as possible, for security reasons. 'Can edit issue' should be enough for the majority of use cases. 

You can also choose if they 'Can comment on issues' separately to the 

Once you have set the user role and saved this you will want to add the Agent you would like to restrict to this user role. 

To do this simply click on 'People' > 'Agents'. Go to the profile of the agent you wish to restrict and amend their user role to the new user role you have just set up, in this case 'Restricted agent':

Then click on the new 'Restrictions' tab within their profile and you will be able to add any blocks which you would like to agent to be able to view in the section below: 

Once blocks have been added and the correct permission set, logging in as this agent will restrict the view of this agent to what you have set up. 

In the example above the agent will only be able to edit issues at the block which they are restricted to see.