As a standard setting, reporting owner/sub-tenant details are hidden from contractors if the issue is raised in a communal area. The reasoning behind this is that the contractor doesn't need to contact the reporting party to gain access if the fault is in a communal location.

However, if the fault is demised, then you have the ability to provide contractors with the reporting party details if you wish. First of all, you need to ensure the Fixflo issue is considered to be in a private setting; you can hover over the issue to see this information, or view it on the 'Next steps' tab:

If the issue is showing as communal, you will need to edit the issue (Actions > Edit issuebelow and ensure the following is in place: 

Once the issue is set to communal, please ensure the following box is selected when instructing works or requesting quotes:

Don't worry if you've forgotten to do this! You can always edit this at a later point via edit issue, to ensure that the contact information is provided: