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Staff members come and go - it's a part of life! What's important is that you know exactly what needs to be done when a new staff member joins your agency, so they can get up-to-speed on Fixflo as quickly as possible. Similarly, it's vital that when a staff member leaves your agency, you take the right actions to amend any settings within your system so issues and notifications are going to the right person.

As such, we've created the below 'Onboarding' and 'Offboarding' guide, to help steer you down the correct processes when these instances occur: 

Onboarding - a new staff member
Great to hear that you have a new staff member join you. Don't forget, you can add as many agent users to your Fixflo account free of charge, so go ahead and create an agent profile for them. As a new agent, they will receive a series of welcome emails over the next few weeks. The first welcome email will allow them to create their password and access their account.

We provide a free on-demand training Academy - please refer to Fixflo Academy guide here for more details on how to access. Alternatively, our how-to articles can be accessed within

Once your new staff member is trained on the system, you may want to consider amending any assignment settings you have in your system, to ensure they get notified about works at their assigned portfolio. Alternatively, if you prefer that all of your team receive all issue reports, you may need to amend the central notification email settings.

Offboarding - a staff member leaving
Sorry to hear a colleague of yours is leaving! There are definitely a few actions you should take within Fixflo to tidy things up before locking the agent profile.

Firstly, you should bulk reassign their open issues to a colleague, or you can bulk unassign the issues if you'd prefer. This will ensure that any comments sent from relevant persons will either notify the newly assigned agent, or the central email address if unassigned.

The next step would be to bulk reassign their properties (if they have any). Click via People > Agents and into the profile of the departing team member. Here, you can click on the Issue allocations tab, and easily access any properties they're assigned to:

Click into the bubble next to their 'Property assignment' to view the list, and then use the 'Options' button and 'Bulk actions' to bulk reassign/unassign the properties as desired. It will also be a good idea to reassign any landlord assignment!

To reassign/unassign future pending service events, check out our guide here. Please note that service events in progress can't be amended, however you should have already reassigned open issues as part of the first step so the only step to take will be to check the Service events awaiting review.


Your final task will be to lock the departing agent out of your system - check out our guide on this here. That's it! Your new agent is up and running, and your departing colleague has had their profile cleaned up and archived.