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There may be times that you may need to reassign issues from one agent over to another. This can either be done on a per issue basis or this can be done in bulk. 

Reassigning The Issue On A Per Issue Basis

To reassign just one issue from one agent to another you will need to click into the desired issue where you will be able to see who the assigned agent is towards the top of the page, next to the issue status:

To reassign this issue to another agent click on the 'Assignment' tab where you will be able to select another agent in the 'Assigned agent' field. Once you have selected a new agent, please press 'Save'.

You can also reassign this issue to another team as well here.

Once a new agent has been assigned to this issue they will be displayed towards the top of the screen:

This will also be displayed on the 'Audit' tab:

If the agent has the setting turned on to receive an email notification about issues which are assigned to them, they will also receive an email about this:

This will also appear on the 'Audit' tab:

Reassigning The Issue On A Bulk Basis

If you have many issues to reassign it is easier to do this in bulk. A good case scenario of this would be if an agent is on holiday or leaves the company.

Click on 'Issues' and then 'Issue search'. When you click on this page it will show you your open issues by default:

There is a drop down filter on the right hand side of the 'Search issues' bar:

You will want to use this drop down so that you can use the filters to filter out whose issues you are viewing. For example, if one agent is leaving and you would like to reassign their issues to another agent then you will want to go to the field 'Assigned to agent' and choose that particular agent:

You can then scroll down to the bottom of the filters and click 'Search'. You will then be viewing all of the open issues assigned to this agent. 

To bulk reassign all of their issues click on 'Options' and then 'Bulk reassign issues':


You can now tick 'All issues' and then click 'Bulk reassign issues':

Alternatively you can select certain issues using the check boxes on the issues which are listed below and then click on 'Bulk reassign issues':

Once you have clicked 'Bulk reassign issues' you will be shown a pop up where you can bulk reassign these issues to a new agent or team. If you are selecting a new agent, you will use the drop down to select a new agent and then press 'Save':

Those issues will now be reassigned to the new agent. 

Please note that when an agent who is not assigned to an issue progresses an issue from one issue status to another, the issue will auto reassign to that agent.