It might be useful for you to match data in Fixflo with data in other systems. For example, you might wish to tie-up a tenancy agreement number in Fixflo with your billing system. To help accomplish this you can add an external reference field that occupiers will have to complete when they are reporting an issue through Fixflo.

This field will appear under 'The occupiers contact details' section.

You can name this field anything you like so it can be used for other purposes such as:

  • Room Number (especially useful for student housing)
  • Property Code

You will be able to view the information the tenant has inputted when you receive an email report:

And if you are using Fixflo Professional or Essentials, when you are in a specific issue on the 'Details' tab:

Adding an External Reference Field

To add this field please log in to your Fixflo account and got to Setup > Settings > External References: 

You then just need to add a title for the field e.g Tenancy Reference Number.

Press 'Save Settings' to save this field.

External Job Reference

This value - for Professional and Essential users only - is designed to record a purchase order or invoice number against a Job. For some organisations it is useful to help ensure appropriate authority is given to contractors before undertaking works OR useful to tie-up jobs with invoices.

To add this you need to follow the steps above, and add a Title for the Job Reference field. Press 'Save Settings'.

This field will then appear when you are instructing works to a contractor.