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We've made it easy for you to set specific permissions for different Fixflo users/people in your business. You can customise who gets to see and change what on your Fixflo system.

If you want to amend or customise your users' default permissions, go to People > User Roles:

This will display a list of your existing user roles and give you the option to edit these, or create new roles if required. The two default roles are:

  • Administrators - users who have all permissions
  • Agents - you can decide which permissions to allow your agent users to have

To view or edit the permissions for a specific role, click into it. 

You will see the below options and check any permissions you want to award the specific user group:

You can control whether a user on this user role type has the ability to:

  1. Edit data such as contractor profiles, landlord profiles, occupier profiles and property records
  2. Can edit Co-pilot Rules
  3. Edit and progress issues
  4. Can comment on issues
  5. Export data out of your Fixflo system e.g lists of issues and properties. Please note, users without this permission are unable to schedule and export reports
  6. Manage contractor certification
  7. Instruct jobs to contractors with expired certification
  8. Manage tags which can be applied to your properties, landlords and occupiers
  9. Has the option to select invoice addresses' on a per job basis (rather than have your default apply)
  10. View any order forms that need approving, and edit billing details (it's recommend that you leave this unticked and only provide this permission to Administrator users; however, you may wish your agents to have acess to edit other agency settings such as emails and pop-ups)
  11. View certain features within the system, for example Planned Maintenance, the calendar or the reporting functionality

And much more!

Finally, you can also set a Works Authorisation Limit per user role. This will highlight their limit on a per job basis, and you can enable this setting to get notifications if they instruct above their limit.

Creating New User Roles

You may want to create new roles outside of the defaults that are available. An example may be that you need to let some of your team access Fixflo so they can check the status/history of an issue, but you may not want to let them progress or edit the issue at all. You could create a user role called 'Read Only' remove all permissions, which would mean they could look at everything but not action or edit anything in your system.

Simply go to 'Add a new role':

You can then add a title, description, and select the permissions and a WAL if applicable:

Applying User Roles to Agents

To apply any new user roles that you have created, or edit which role your agents have, you will need to go to People > Agents. You will be able to see what role is currently applied on the main screen.

To edit or apply a user role, click into the agent profile and scroll down to 'Role' and select from the drop-down.

Remember to press 'Save' after you have made your selection: