Fixflo offers you the flexibility to enable IP allow-listing on your system, which allows you to restrict where your team/business can access Fixflo from. For example, you could restrict access to your office(s) only, meaning your team could not access Fixflo whilst they were at home.

*You must contact to enable this feature.

You will then be able to go to  'Setup > Settings' > 'Security'.

You will then be able to select 'Yes' next to 'Enable IP whitelist for agents' and specify the IP addresses that will allow access to Fixflo. Remember to hit 'Save'.

*Generally the easiest way to find out what your IP address is, is simply Google 'What is my IP address' and it should show your public IP address.

After saving your IP address(es), your team will only be able to access Fixflo using devices on the listed IP address(es).