Agents with the correct permissions can leave 'tags' against properties. This is useful if you want to be able to filter by certain property groups such as those covered by British Gas HomeCare for example:

Tags can be managed via Setup > Tags.

Why are property tags useful?

Property tags can be used as filters to allow you to group properties together, and run searches on these groups.

Additionally, property tags can be really useful on Co-pilot, as they will allow you to be more granular when adding filters to rules. For more information on Co-pilot, please check out our videos here.

Can I import property tags?

If you want to add tags to multiple properties (with multiple tags if you wish), you can now do this with the aid of a data import. 

Please find the template for importing your property tags at the bottom of this article.

Simply enter the property details as they appear in your Fixflo system (you can export these easily via the 'Properties' tab) and enter the tag you want to apply against the property.
To add multiple tags to the same property, separate them with a comma.

 Due to GDPR, we have built a secure way of sending us data. Please click here for a guide on how to do this.

Filtering a property seach by property tags

Via Properties on the left-hand navigation, you can open the search filters and view your properties assigned to a specific tag:

Filtering an issue seach by property tags

You also have the same search filter available at Issue level. This means that you can easily view all issues raised against all properties with a specific tag. As an example, you may wish to view all of the issues raised against properties that have British Gas HomeCare. As such, you can navigate via Issues > Issue search, open the filters and filter by 'Property tag' as well as any specific fault types or other filters required.

You can also filter issues by multiple property tags, allowing you to make more granular searches.
This is particularly useful when using our additional multi-dashboard feature to create saved searches and dashboard panels that will give you a more detailed visibility on your maintenance issues.

For more in-depth information about our multi-dashboard functionality, please click here