Please note that only Administrator users can amend your settings. Please click here to learn more about user roles and permissions. 

Under Setup > Settings > Ombudsman and deposit schemes tab, you have the option to enter the schemes you are a member of:

When prompted, enter your membership details in the relevant fields:

Once this is done, click Save settings.

To submit evidence to the schemes with regards to an ongoing complaint, go to the related issue and click on the Actions button and then Ombudsman and Deposit Schemes:

Depending on who us handling your complaint, enter the necessary details in the relevant field. For example, if you need to submit evidence to DPS, enter your DPS Deposit ID into the box:

Please be sure to press Save once you are ready! If you want to ensure all details are correct, press Preview. Once done, press Send.

Alternatively, enter the Case Ref No. if you are contacting TPOS:

Once you press Save, you are able to hit Send.