There is a place on Fixflo Essential and Fixflo Professional where you can add two types of document: 

1. Health and safety disclaimer

2. Certificate templates

In order to view, add, enable and delete these documents you will need to have Administrator rights. Please click here to read more about user roles and permissions. 

To access the document library you will need to click on 'Setup' > 'Document library'. 

This will take you to a page where you can add documents: 

By clicking on 'Add document' you can add a document to the library and choose the document type, where you can select either: 'Health and safety disclaimer' or 'Certificate template'. 

Health and safety disclaimer:

If you decide to add a health and safety disclaimer then you will have the option to add these documents when progressing an issue with either the workflow 'Request quotations' or 'Instruct works'. These will then be sent onto the contractor. 

Examples could be sending a document on safety measures for Covid-19 or general health and safety terms and conditions. 

As well as adding these on a case by case basis, you can also automatically attach these documents to all issues which are sent onto contractors by amending a default setting. 

To do this you will need to click on 'Setup' > 'Settings' and open up 'General'. 

Here there is an option: 'Default instruction documents':

If you have a health and safety disclaimer added in your document library then you will be able to select this to be automatically added on every issue you progress onto a contractor. You can add multiple documents to this setting.  

Certificate templates:

If you decide to add a certificate template then you will be able to add that as a template to your contractor certification. 

If you click on 'People' > 'Contractor certification' you will be taken to a list of your contractors and you will see each contractor against the certifications which they are set to provide. 

Their compliance will sit on the right hand side of their details and this works like a traffic light system. 

Green: the contractor has a valid document for that particular certificate

Amber: the contractor's document is soon to expire for that particular certificate

Red: the contractor's certificate has now expired

If you click on 'Options' and 'Manage certificates' you can see the current certificates which you can ask contractors for. If anything is missing you can then click on 'Add new' at the top of the screen and you will be able to add a template to that certification - this is pulled from your certificate templates from within your document library. 

Once added to a certificate, a contractor will then be able to log into the desktop version of Fixflo where they can find 'Certification' on their left hand menu side bar. From here they can click into the certification you have requested and click on 'Add document':

The certification template will sit at the top of the screen for them to download, print, sign and then re-upload.

To learn more about contractor certification, please click here to watch a webinar recording on this.