Industry type - all

Available with - all

Please note this feature is available within the Fixflo Manager package. Please email or your CSM for more details.

If you want to know how to create custom saved searches please review this guide here.

To help you create the best custom dashboards possible, please find a list of contractor certification specific examples and options available, that might be useful to include for your business and team.

Managing the status of your contractor certification/insurance

Our standard dashboard tiles only provide you with one option to track the status of all of your contractor certification but you can now expand on this. You can create custom searches under People > Contractor Certification or People > Contractors.

We recommend creating a dashboard that provides a full overview of each status such as:

  • How many contractors have at least one document that is not compliant
  • How many documents are awaiting validation from you
  • How many documents are about to expire
  • How many contractors are fully compliant
  • You can even split by type of documentation e.g. All public liability insurance

Under 'People' > 'Contractors' you can go granular with a few other filter options such as 'Which contractors have at least one document that is non-compliant and they are a plumber'. Please note that this is only possible if services have been added to your contractors.