It is important that you keep up to date with contractor certification, in order to be compliant with the relevant regulations. Fixflo has a whole feature that allows you to track this in a logical and efficient manner. We've also built the ability to import contractor certification information, once your contractors have been created in Fixflo.

Step 1 - Getting the correct contractor data

If you are a new Fixflo client, please import your Contractors into the system before completing this guide. Check our instructions here.

If you click on 'People' > 'Contractors', you will be able to use the Options button to 'Export as Import CSV':

This will export the contractor details; we're going to need a couple of the columns from this data in order to successfully populate our template to import the certification requirements. As such, you will need to copy and paste the following columns into the template attached at the bottom of this guide:

  • ContractorUserTypeID - this is extremely important as it allows us to update their profile
  • ExternalContractorRef - useful if you have these in your system
  • ContractorCompanyName - vital for you to know which contractor you're importing the new data against

Please copy each of the above columns and paste them into the relevant columns on the spreadsheet template attached at the bottom of this article. This completes the preparation work for us to import the relevant documentation. 

Step 2 - Populating the spreadsheet

You should now have a template that will look something like the below:

You now need to populate the other fields in order to complete the spreadsheet and send us the data. The column for ContractorCertificateName has some pre-populated fields within it, so simply select the certificate type you're after. If you want a custom certificate, please create this in your Fixflo system first (guide here) - you can then enter the name of the custom certification in the relevant cell.

Columns E and F relate to the certificate start and end dates respectively; these should always be in the format DD/MM/YYYY.

The ContractorCertificateReminder column has a tooltip attached when you click on a cell. This relates to when the contractor will be reminded to upload their new certificate soon. For example, 'Week1' can be added if you'd like the contractor to be reminder 1 week prior to the expiry date.

Please note: The maximum reminder is 'Month3'. The import will error if 'Month4' or higher is entered.

Traditionally, most use cases of the reminder will relate to the 'EndDate' - some instances may relate to the StartDate, hence the options in column H.

We recommend that you fill out column I to indicate whether the certification is valid or not, even if the dates suggest they are. If this column is not completed, the certification will import and will require manual validation within Fixflo:

Should you wish to import multiple certification types against the same contractor profile, all you'd need to do is enter the contractor's information (columns A-C) onto multiple lines, and then amend each line with the relevant certification as necessary - example below: