To use Fixflo to it's full benefit, it is important to keep your data up to date and there are several benefits of doing this. 

Benefits Of Keeping Your Occupier Data Up To Date:

  • Ensure that you only send communications regarding issues out to occupiers who are living at that address
  • Ensure that contractors only receive the contact details of occupiers who are registered as living at the property
  • Ensure that you don't promote your Fixflo site to occupiers who have moved out and no longer live at one of your managed properties

Benefits Of Keeping Your Property Data Up To Date:

  • Ensure that only your fully managed properties appear on the list of addresses when occupiers report maintenance issues
  • Ensure that all issues are kept under one property address, rather than across multiple duplicated properties

Onboarding Your Occupiers

It is recommended that you onboard any new occupiers onto the system in order to ensure the data is correct, and they receive a welcome email informing them how to use the sytem. 

When you are working through an issue on the system, you have the opportunity to send a comment within the 'Comments' section to 'All occupiers'. In order to ensure that you are sending these comments to all of the occupiers living at property at that time, it is important to ensure that when a new occupier moves in, they are added onto your Fixflo site. 

To onboard a new occupier you will need to click on People > Occupiers. Click on 'Add new occupier' at the top of the page:

You will need to add their title, first name, surname, email address and address to the site and they will then be added to Fixflo against the relevant property.

They will receive a welcome email, welcoming them to the Fixflo system. 

You can view and amend this email if you wish. You will need to have Administrator rights to do this. You can click on Setup > Content Edit. You will want to find 'Email - Welcome Occupier'

Here you can make changes to the welcome email which new occupiers receive. 

It is vital that you promote Fixflo to your occupiers to ensure that they understand that you are using Fixflo to manage all maintenance issues and repairs. 


Onboarding Your Properties

As well as onboarding your occupiers to Fixflo, it is important that you add any new properties which you manage. 

Particularly, if you have the setting turned on to search for your uploaded properties only when occupiers report maintenance issues.  

In order to do this simply click on Properties and then 'Add new property':

When adding a new property you can either find by postcode or enter the address manually: 

Once you have entered the property details, click 'Save' and that property will then be included on your property portfolio on your Fixflo site.