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When a contractor marks a job as complete (or you are marking the job as complete on their behalf) they will have to select whether they would like to provide costs or not.

On the pop up when the contractor marks the job as complete, this will sit just underneath the 'Invoice method':

The contractor will not be able to mark the job as complete without selecting an option. 

There are four invoice method options, they are:

1. Invoice not required

2. Invoice sent outside of the system

3. Upload invoice

4. Create invoice within system. 

If the contractor selects 'Create invoice within system' then the 'Provide costs' section will disappear as they will need to add the costs to create the invoice, so this becomes void. 

Any other invoice method which is selected, the contractor will need to say whether or not they are going to be providing the costs. 

If 'Yes' is selected then they will see a screen similar to that of below (please note that in this example, 'Invoice not required has been selected from the 'Invoice method' drop down): 

They will need to fill this out and then click 'Submit'. 

The 'Type' can be selected from the drop down but by default is on 'Labour'. This can be changed to 'Materials' and also 'Other':

The contractor can also add more than one row if they wish:

Once happy, the contractor will then press 'Submit': 

The benefits of the contractor providing costs are:

  • You can download a report in Fixflo of total job costs. These reports can be download and passed on to your accounting team
  • Contractors can retrospectively go back and easily view how much they charged for jobs
  • It is easy to see on the job itself how much total costs were

If the contractor selects 'No', this will only require the contractor to upload an invoice or send the invoice outside of Fixflo. This is a faster option on the contractors behalf. 

'Provide Costs' Setting

As an agent you can turn on a setting to make 'Provide costs' mandatory so that contractors have to do this when they mark a job as complete. 

To do this, you must have Administrator rights, and then you can click on 'Setup' and 'Settings' from within your Fixflo system. 

You will want to scroll down from within the page you are taken to and click on 'General' to open up these settings. 

One of the settings is 'Provide' costs - this by default is switched to 'No' but you can change this to 'Yes' and press 'Save settings':

This setting can also be amended on a per issue basis. 

When you have an issue at the issue status 'Reported' and you choose the workflow 'Instruct works', you will have the option to amend the 'Contractor costs provision option'. 

This will show as what you have set up in your settings, however you can amend this using the dropdown available: