Once a user has been archived on your Fixflo system, you can still find them and reactivate the user if you need to.

The example this article will use is a contractor. 

How To Find An Archived Contractor

If you click on People > Contractors you can view a list of your contractors. The contractors on this list are your active contractors and recently archived contractors:

Once the contractor has been archived for a week, they will drop off this list and to search for your archived contractors you will need to change this drop down to 'Archived only' and then click on the search icon:

You will then be viewing your archived contractors only. 

How To Reactivate An Archived Contractor

If you would like to reactivate a contractor, you will need to pick a contractor from the archived list and click into their profile. 

On scrolling down within their 'Profile' tab, you can click the Unarchive button when ready:

This contractor will now be reactivated and show on your 'Active' list and you will be able to instruct jobs to them or quote quotes from them.