In order to help you ensure all your contractors are fully compliant, you can request certificates and other certification documents to attach to each contractor.   

Statutory and common certificates are already on the system, but you also have the ability to create new certificates, including a template document if required.

To find this, click People Contractor certification; this is where you can search and manage the documents already on the system. Hit the 'Actions' button to 'Add contractor certificate': 

Here, you can name your certificate type, indicate an expiry date after upload (leave blank if you wish to add a custom date per certificate at a later date) and choose a template if required: 

To add a new template - for example your blank Contractor Ts&Cs form - simply click Setup Document library. Here, you can upload any documents that you are likely to use on a regular basis. Please ensure to specify the document type as 'Certificate template':

Applying this new certificate request to a specific contractor 

You are now ready to request this certificate from one of your contractors. Simply search their profile, click into the Certification tab, tick the required certificate and hit save. 

On the next email from the system the contractor receives, they will be told that a document needs to be uploaded:

From here, the contractor can click through, click to add a new document, download the template as required and then upload the completed certificate: 

The agency will then receive an email to let you know that a new certificate has been uploaded which needs to be validated: