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One of the main benefits of Fixflo's reporting system, is that you can display guidance and advice pop-ups to your tenants when they are reporting issues.These are useful for:

  • Letting tenants know when it is their responsibility to handle an issue e.g changing smoke alarm batteries
  • Advising them of recommendations to try before reporting the issue

We recommend checking our default pop-ups to make sure you are happy with the content (you can customise if needed) and adding any new pop-ups to cater for your requirements. 

To help you with customising your pop-ups, please see a list of helpful YouTube videos below that you are welcome to add:

1. Washing machine filter:

2. Bleeding a radiator:


3. How to Test a Smoke Alarm:

4. How to Change a Light-Bulb:

5. Boiler Pressure Check:

6. How to Check a Stopcock:

7. How to Check a Fusebox:

8. How to unblock a toilet :

9. Dishwasher not cleaning:

10. Draining a washing machine :

Please find more information on how to embed videos here.