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Configuring your Fixflo account to display the content that you want is a vital part of getting your account ready to be live! In particular, guidance and advice pop-ups are an important part of account configuration, as these can help aid first-time fixes from tenants, prevent certain faults from being reported, and assist with troubleshooting.

The pop-ups in the system will be auto-generated by Fixflo, and you should therefore view each one to ensure you're happy with the content. Changes can easily be made; please do refer to editing the content here, and some ideas of videos you could embed here.

If you wanted to embed images into the pop-ups, there are 2 separate ways to do this:

1. Adding image via URL

If you select the icon to add an image, you'll notice that a source code is required; this is because the image must pull-through from a URL it's hosted on. For example, you may want to display an image found on Google; locate the image, right-click and select 'Copy image address'. Go back to Fixflo and paste the web address for the image (click the gif for a larger-screen version:

2. Uploading image from computer

If you click onto Insert/edit image > Upload, you can then either drag and drop and image from your computer, or browse your files to find the required image.

The image will then appear, and can be re-scaled to size as required.