Industry type - all

Available with - All

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Please find information about how to edit the pop-ups here.

You can customise the popups further by including videos in them.

You can use videos to suggest recommendations of things to check before a tenant reports an issue through to you, or tell them how to resolve an issue by themselves such as changing batteries in a smoke alarm.

1. Find the video you want to embed and click on "Share".

2. Then click on 'Embed'.


3. Click on 'Copy' to copy the HTML code of the video.


4. Back in your Fixflo system select the appropriate popup by going to 'Setup' and 'Content edit'. If you want to create a new pop-up go to 'Fault Tree Edit'.

5. Once you have clicked into the pop-up or created a new one, click the '<>' source code button.
6. Paste the HTML code you copied from the video hosting site by hitting "Ctrl + V" on your keyboard and click 'OK'.


7. The video will now be embedded and just click 'Save'.

When tenants go to report an issue they will then see this pop-up.