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We know that both you and your contractors availability changes over the holiday periods which include Christmas, Easter and bank holidays, so it is important to update your Fixflo account with the correct contact details so your occupiers know who to reach out to (especially for emergencies!).

We also have a tool called Co-Pilot that can help you with automatically notifying contractors about jobs you would like them to attend whilst you are out of the office.

Updating your Fixflo reporting page

We recommend adding a message to your Fixflo reporting page to let occupiers know that you're closed during certain holidays or to let them know your opening hours during this period and confirm that they should continue to report issues via Fixflo.

To edit this message, please log in to Fixflo and go to Setup > Content Edit  > Text - Issue Welcome.



Please see an example below:

Update your contact numbers

Please ensure that your contact numbers are correct, so if occupiers are reporting an emergency, they have an out of hours number they can call. Please click on Setup > Content edit > Agent - telephone numbers (which is at the top of the page) and ensure that these are correct. 



These will then be displayed on the pop ups which appear on issues that are classified as emergencies. 

Please make sure to update both of the above once the holiday period is over.

Remind your occupiers about Fixflo

We recommend reminding your occupiers to use Fixflo during the holidays. There are many promotional options available, such as:

  • Emailing your occupiers
  • Sending out texts. We can do this for you free of charge. Please click here for more information.
  • Updating your voicemail/phone tree to direct occupiers to Fixflo

Automatically notify contractors about issues

If you have contractors who are on call during holiday periods, why not use Co-Pilot to automatically notify them about relevant issues, or auto instruct the job to them (if you use Fixflo Essentials or Professional).

This will ensure that your team can have a break, your tenants are receiving a great service and that your contractors have an easy way to know what jobs to action.

To find out more about Co-pilot, please 
click here