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Promoting your Fixflo site to your occupiers is extremely important in order to ensure that the usage of your system is the best it can be. A simple way of doing this would be to include mentions of your Fixflo reporting page on regular communications you have with your tenants. Below are some useful examples that you may want to consider implementing to ensure high usage of Fixflo!


An introduction email for when you first join Fixflo 

When you go through onboarding at Fixflo, the team will encourage you to send welcome emails to your occupiers (Professional and Essentials only - click here for more info). You may also want to send a bulk email from your CRM/PMS tool to let your tenant base know about the reporting process. 

Feel free to use - and edit - our template below:

Subject: Our new repair reporting system

We have a new online reporting system for repairs. 
We have a commitment to resolve issues quickly and reliably. This online system helps us to receive the information that we need in order to understand your problem. It also allows you to upload photos of your problem that may help our contractors to bring the right tools and equipement for a quicker fix.
To access the system, please click here [company name]
Repairs for non-emergencies that are reported online are likely to be dealt with more quickly than those reported by telephone or email. Emergencies must continue to be reported to us by telephone.


If you ever send newsletters to your tenant base - either via mail or online - then you can add in a quick section about repair reporting! For example, in every newsletter, you can share information taken from your Fixflo account such as:

- Examples of issues that have been fixed through the advice and guidance pop-ups
- Data on the speed in which your staff are taking first actions on their maintenance issues (Professional and Essentials only)
- Volume of planned works completed in X period (Professionals only)

New tenants / Check-ins

It's important that when new tenants move into your lettings properties, you onboard them correctly. Ensure first of all that the property exists in your Fixflo - then create an occupier profile for them at the relevant property.

Automatically, the new occupier profile will receive the welcome email from your system, so you don't necessarily need to send them anything else. However, we would always recommend that you include as much information for new tenants as possible in any welcome packs you provide - this should include:

- Your occupier flyer (found in Promote)

- Your occupier user guide (found in Promote)

- The occupier reporting video (click here)

Christmas / Seasonal Updates

Having Fixflo enables occupiers to report maintenance issues to you even when your office may be closed. It's important that you amend any advice and guidance in Fixflo for any festive/seasonal period to ensure that your tenants are digesting the correct information - check out our guide on how to prepare Fixflo for seasonal periods by clicking here; this will also direct you towards AXA Emergency Services cover. 

In addition, you may wish to send a bulk email to your occupiers through your CRM/PMS so that they are aware of your operating procedures over any bank holidays. Please feel free to use - and amend - our template below:

Subject: Seasonal information from [Agency Name]

Dear tenant,

As we approach the festive season, we wanted to send a quick email to let you know some important pieces of information.

Please note our opening hours as follows:
24th December - 9-5
25th December - CLOSED
26th December - CLOSED
27th-31st December - 9-5
1st January - CLOSED
2nd January - Normal hours

At all times, you can continue to report maintenance issues via [agency name]
Non-urgent repairs will be actioned in the New Year, while emergencies will be dealt with as soon as possible. Please follow any advice and guidance messages you see on the reporting tool.

Have a great Christmas.
Property Management


It's important that your properties are well maintained and habitable, so a lot of agencies undertake regular inspections. After an inspection takes place, it is useful to send a follow-up email/letter to the occupiers of the property. Within this, we recommend highlighting again the process that you have in place for reporting maintenance issues.

Feel free to use and edit the below template, and append it to any communication you have off the back of property inspections

Maintenance requests - a reminder

As a reminder, we do not accept maintenance requests via email or telephone. All maintenance requests must be made through our reporting tool which is accessible at the link below:
[company name]

You can use any internet-enabled decive to report issues, simply select the relevant tile and provide your details. Please provide as much information as possible, as well as photos/videos if necessary. All requests will be directed to the Property Management team, who will be in touch with next steps.