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Available with - All

Fixflo integrates with TouchRight accounts so that repairs and photos identified in a TouchRight report (via the desktop version or the app) can be pushed to Fixflo, creating a seamless approach to your repair and maintenance process.

Setting up the integration

To set up the integration, you will need to find the Domain and Authentication Token for your Fixflo site. 
Log in to your Fixflo site and go to Setup > Integrations:

Then click Add Token:

Enter 'TOUCHRIGHT' in the App ID field and click add. Please note, this is case-sensitive and does not accept other characters, so this must be written as TOUCHRIGHT.

An Authentication Token will then be generated for you:

To complete the setup of the integration, you will need to input the following information into your TouchRight dashboard by choosing 'Integrations' from the drop-down menu (please note: this function is only available to Account Owners on TouchRight):

  • Your Authentication Token
  • Your Fixflo Domain / URL
  • Your Agency ID (found at the top of the screen)

Once the accounts are connected, you will have the option to identify and tag a specific repair and photos, which generates an ‘Issue’ - this can be done either on-site in the app, or once the report has synced back to the dashboard. You then have the option to push the issue to Fixflo. Additionally, TouchRight give you the option to select whether you'd like the jobs to be raised in Fixflo as 'Reactive' works or 'Planned' works, and whether you'd like to add tenants to issues.

If you use Fixflo Professional or Essentials, you can track the issue and any status updates - these will all be reflected in your TouchRight dashboard via a 'Check for Updates' button.

For TouchRight's article on this integration, please click here.

Please note: there is an additional option that can be enabled to allow you to sync across your Fixflo property records into TouchRight at the push of a button - please contact TouchRight for more details at This feature cannot be enabled if you are already using another back office integration e.g. Acquaint, agentOS, SME Professional etc.