Fixflo integrates with Inventory Hive so that when you are conducting inventory checks, you can automate the sending of a repair, replacement or cleaning issues.

Setting up the integration

The first step to setting up this integration is to ensure you have your free add-on setup within your Inventory Hive account - please note, you need to be on the web browser to do this (not the iOS or Android app). Click your name in the top-right corner, and select the 'Add-ons' tab:

From here, search and select 'Fixflo' and hit purchase; this is a free add-on you can add to your account at any time or during your subscription purchase screen. It could be that you've already purchased this when setting-up your original subscription. If this is the case, it will simply say 'Purchased' already:

Once the add-on is added to your account, simply click your name in the top-right corner and select Settings > and then + Fixflo from the left-hand side:

Then hit the + Add button:

At this point, you will be asked to add your Fixflo domain; you can find this on your URL when you're logged in to Fixflo, or via the Promote button on the left-hand navigation: it is usually in the format 

You will only need to add the 'AgencyName' part of the domain:

Once you have entered your Fixflo domain/URL, hit Continue. You will then be provided with a URL to your Fixflo system (see below) , which will allow you to generate an authentication token on your account - this can also be found in Fixflo by clicking on your name > View profile.

Once you are in Fixflo, simply copy the words 'PROPERTYREPORTING' (capitals sensitive) into the App id field and hit + Add:

Once you hit + Add, there will be a token generated in the field. Copy over all of the text of the token, and paste it into the required field in Inventory Hive - make sure to hit Save:

Your Fixflo connection is now almost set up, and can be edited if desired. For example, you can amend the setting as to when the issues get created on Fixflo, and whether or not you want to group them together:

If you decide to group issues per room (for example), the Fixflo 'Detail' tab will have the multiple issues located within the 'Fault detail'. This will reduce the volume of issues being created off the back of inspection reports if desired:

The final step is to visit 'Branch Details' on the left-hand panel in Inventory Hive, and click the Edit button in the Fixflo category.

You can select the Fixflo connection from the list and hit Save to ensure your branches have the correct Fixflo connection - this is only applicable if you are on the relevant plan in Inventory Hive, as you could have multiple Fixflo accounts for different branches, if required:

And that's it - your Fixflo integration is now added, configured and ready to use! 

If you're interested, check out Inventory Hive's video explanation of how the integration works below: