Industry type - Block, BTR and Commercial

Available with - Essentials

Fixflo allows you to assign specific people or teams to Buildings where they are responsible for ensuring that the repair requests gets handled. However, you may also have another level of assignment required when you have different roles and responsibilities split across your team.

For example, you may have a team structure where there are Block/Asset Managers who are responsible for a portfolio of properties and take care of all financials/budgets, resident/client meetings and any escalations but they also have an Assistant Block Manager, Customer Service or Maintenance rep who helps them keep on top of all maintenance related tasks. 

In this scenario, you can assign both the Block Manager and other key contact to the relevant buildings in Fixflo. 

Setting up Block Manager Assignment

To manually make an assignment change you can go to 'Properties > Buildings', find the building where you want to add or change assignment, and ensure both of these fields are populated with the respective agents/team members. 

There is also the option to do this via a bulk method if there are lots of changes that you need to make. There is more information on this here.

Tracking Repair Requests


This assignment setup will ensure that all maintenance issues are automatically assigned to the person in charge of managing repairs when they are raised and they will also receive an email alert (if enabled). They will be able to filter their dashboard tiles to 'My (only)' or 'My (including unassigned)' to see all of the issues that are assigned to them.

Additionally, the Block Manager will still have oversight of any maintenance issues that have been raised at any of their properties, even if they are not personally handling the resolution of them. They can filter their dashboards to 'My Blocks'. 

If the person in charge of maintenance needs any help with managing repairs, they can of course assign issues to the Block Manager. We therefore recommend that the Block Manager has a dashboard tile filtered to 'My (only)' as well as 'My Blocks' to ensure they can differentiate between issues they are managing vs. issues they are not.

For example, there are two Issues Requiring Attention tiles, one is set to 'My (only)' - the person icon and one is set to 'My Blocks' the building icon so they have full oversight of their task list and total actions required across all issues.