Industry type - all

Available with - Essentials

Fixflo allows users of all entity types to add photographs and documents to maintenance jobs in various places. This allows each and every party to have a better understanding of what is going on, and provides users with a visual representation of works completed (images) etc.

It is important that - as an agent user - you are aware of the view permissions of documents within your system, as these are exposed to different parties. For example - on an Essentials or Professional Fixflo system - you have the ability to check and amend the visibility permissions of any photographs/documents uploaded when a job was reported; this can be done via the 'Detail' tab:

Once you click into the eye icon, you can scroll down and tick/untick the view permissions as required, and hit Save once you're ready.

For Fixflo Professional users, view permissions are important when marking a service event as complete. This allows you to share the certificate document (e.g. CP12) with the occupiers at the property, as well as provide the landlord with an overview of the documentation; click here for more information on managing service events.

Note that these permissions are only relevant for the specific entity type linked to the Fixflo issue. It's not the case that any and all leaseholders can see every file! This is only viewable to them if they can access the relevant job.

All documents linked to an issue can be viewed and edited via the Documents tab:

Please note that contractor invoices can never be exposed to users other than Agents within the system; you are able to forward the invoice through to the landlord when closing the job if necessary.