Fixflo allows tenants to report maintenance issues to you so that works can be completed at their property. There may be instances whereby an occupier reports multiple jobs at the same property, all of which can be handled by the same individual contractor.

If this is the case, there are two options Fixflo would recommend you could take to complete these jobs:

1) Link the issues as related, and progress them separately

2) Re-title one issue and combine the fault details together into one job

Link issues and progress them separately

Linking issues in Fixflo allows you to have oversight of works that may be related, often at the same property; for more on linking issues, please click here.

Please note that once the multiple issues are linked, they would still need to be individually progressed to the contractor, and the contractor would be required to mark each job as complete. From here, you can Comment to the contractor to advise them to only provide a single invoice which covers all of the jobs, and mark the others as no invoice required.

Re-title one issue and combine the faults

This option allows you to combine all of the detail into one job, and instruct one job to the contractor to complete. The steps you would need to follow are:

1) Re-title one of the issues (preferably the main one / one with the most photos attached) so that it reflects multiple pieces of work. You may also want to add into the title to 'read all instruction notes', as this is where all of the fault detail will lie.
Please refer to our guide here on how to re-title issues.

2) Save any photos from the various other issues onto the main job. To do this, simply go to each issue, click into the 'Documents' tab and right-click on the photo icon, whereby you can open the image on a new tab; this will provide you with a full-size image you can then save as desired:

Once saved, go back to the main issue you'll be progressing, and visit the 'Detail' tab - here, upload the issue photos as desired at the bottom of the page:

3) Step 3 is to instruct the main job to the relevant contractor in a clear manner. When instructing works, ensure you copy and paste any fault details that were reported on the other issues so that the contractor knows exactly what needs to be done. For example:

Be as clear as possible when entering this, so that no tasks are missed! As mentioned in step 1, it's recommended you re-title the issue to include 'Multiple jobs' or 'Read instruction notes' to remind the contractor where the relevant information is.

4) Close the other issues as they are no longer required. You may want to send a quick comment to the occupier on the main job, to inform them that a single contractor will attend to rectify all maintenance. 

From here, the contractor can set an appointment, mark as complete and invoice all through the single job!