Fixflo operates with an open API policy, allowing you to create your own integration with your Fixflo instance if desired. If you are interested in accessing the Fixflo APIs to create an integration, please reach out to for assistance.

While the API documentation Fixflo provides is extensive, there may be questions that arise when working to create your custom integration. Please read below some commonly asked questions - if you don't find an answer here or via the API documentation, please reach out to the Product team member you have been introduced to for assistance:

1) Is there an API endpoint for us to know when a job has been put on HOLD, or when the HOLD has been removed?

    We don't currently expose 'on hold' issue information in our API endpoints, so the answer to this one is no.

2) What is the API endpoint that tracks when an issue has been responded to?

    Our Get issue endpoint can help you retrieve the status of the issue, and the date of the status change.

3) What does Fixflo deem as a 'response' to an issue?

    This is considered as any status change, or any comment sent by the agent.

4) Is there an API endpoint that tracks historic status changes and the date that these statuses were changed?

   No, we do not currently have an endpoint for this.

5) Can you confirm that Job Created is the same as the date that a job is instructed to a particular contractor?

   The Job Created date is indeed the date - and time - the job is instructed to the contractor.

6) Can you confirm that Job Start date is when the contractor is meant to start the job?

   Job Start date = the appointment date, if an appointment was created (either by the contractor of the agent on their behalf).

7) Does Job Duration mean the time between a job being created and completed, but not necessarily closed? Similarly, does Job Duration factor in any deductions for when the job is placed on hold?

   Job Duration is a field that the contractor can manually specify when they complete a job. It is meant as a recording of how much time was spent on the actual visit, and does therefore not include any other information.