Fixflo operates with an open API policy, allowing clients to integrate with other software suppliers for a more enhanced user experience. While there are a number of integrations that are more 'plug-and-play' allowing you to easily sync information between Fixflo and another software, some clients choose to create a custom integration. 

If you are looking to create a custom integration using APIs for your own company (one-off integration), you will need to reach out to to request this process to kick off.

Please outline:

  • What it is you're doing/trying to achieve with the integration
  • Who exactly is doing the work (third party provider or yourself)
  • Whether a Sandbox environment is required to assist when creating the integration
  • The Company Director's name and email (for API License Agreement)
  • Company name and company number (if UK based)

Once all the relevant information is obtained, an API agreement will be sent for signature, and the relevant account and access provided. Fixflo will also provide you with a guide on how to integrate with Fixflo Professional, which outlines best practice advice, use cases and support.

Please note, if you are seeking to become an integration partner to be used my a multitude of clients, a further discussion would be required with the Fixflo Product Owner to agree on this. Please contact for more information.