Industry type - Block, BTR and Commercial

Available with - Essentials

If you are looking for our brief video which explains sending building and estate notfications on Fixflo, you can find it here. 

Building notifications on Fixflo Block or BTR is a very simple and convenient way to contact all occupiers and/or leaseholders within a building. This allows you to inform them of any works that are upcoming, or even if a lift is out of service. At times, documents may need to be attached to these notifications. 

Firstly to get to building notifications you will need to go to Properties > Buildings > Click on your desired building > Building notifications. You will be taken to a page that allows you to select who you wish to send your building notification to, the subject of the notice as well as what you choose the notification to be:

Now before you click 'Post', you have the ability to attach a document to the notification. Use the 'Add attachment' button:


Here, you can select whether you wish to upload a file from your computer/PC, or 'Attach from Block documents'. The latter will provide you with a documents that are specified as Building Safety Documents at the relevant block/building. For more information on this, please click here.

After you have selected your image, it should look like below:

Once you are satisfied with the message, all that has to be done is click the 'Post' button. A confirmation pop-up will appear. After you've read this you'll just need to click confirm. The 'Post' button will have a drop down next to it which will allow you to give you the option to send the post:

Please see this article regarding SMS notifications.

After you've clicked confirm, you will see that your message has indeed been sent to your occupiers, with information ranging from what has been sent to your occupiers, the status of the email you have just sent as well as what day and time it was sent: