There may be occasions when an issue needs to be duplicated and edited as required. This allows you to create a quick carbon copy, which will take all of the issue information, pictures and associated people. For example, you may want to duplicate an issue as there are two different pieces of work required, which need instructing to separate contractors.

Please note that a duplicated issue will not include any comments and/or private notes that were left on the original.

To duplicate an issue, simply click the Actions button on the issue > Duplicate issue:

This will lead to a short pop-up message informing you of the action you're taking; press Continue when you're happy. You'll be taken straight to the duplicate, which will be in the status 'Reported', allow you to progress as desired; the original issue will always be linked - this helps provide oversight of what has occurred:


In addition, you can also view the Audit tab of the issue to see what has occurred; here, it's clear that the issue was created as a duplicate, with the original issue number provided as a hyperlink.