As mentioned in a previous article on property assignment, Fixflo allows you to assign specific properties to specific agents. This helps to ensure that issues for those properties are automatically assigned to the correct agent when they are reported. Agents also have the ability to reassign properties if an agent were to leave or they wanted to move the property over to someone who has recently joined. 

To start the process of a bulk reassign you will need to go to the properties tab on the left side of the screen. 

You can then use the filters on the Property drop down to filter to the property list you want for example properties that are currently assigned to a specific agent:

Remember to press Search!

Once you have filtered your list of properties to the correct selection, click on the 'Options' > 'Bulk actions'. 

You will then be able to select 'All results' or individually select which properties you would like to reassign by clicking on the square box next to the address. 

When you're done selecting the properties you want to reassign click on 'Reassign agent/team'. 

A pop up will appear asking you to assign or un-assign the properties. You can then select which agent you wish to assign the properties to by clicking the drop down and searching the agent's name. After this is done click 'Save'.

To check the changes have been made click through to a property, go to the bottom of the page where it says 'Issue assignment' and you should see the selected agents name.