Industry type - all

Available with - Professional

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The Planned Maintenance feature - available on Fixflo Professional only - allows you to put through cyclic, re-occurring events; this helps you stay on top of and compliant with statutory requirements you may have. If you're new to Planned Maintenance in Fixflo, check out our training videos here.

Once a Fixflo issue that is linked to a Service Event has been awarded to a contractor, they can follow the usual workflow they have available. Throughout the process of completing the job, the contractor has an option to 'Quote for remedial':

This will take them to a modal to provide a new quote for any remedial works necessary. Providing this quote will create a new linked issue at the status 'Request for quotes ended', which you can decide to action as necessary. The job will be of type 'Remedial works' and will also be linked to the Service Event itself. In addition, any linked assets or service agreements will also be included in the job detail:

Once any remedials are completed and closed, you can go to the 'Completion' tab of ser service event. Here, an option to add any final remedials are present if needed. However, if the event is now ready to be marked as complete, fill in the 'Works completed on' field and use the button to complete the event. 

Once this is done, it is clear that the event has been marked as Complete, and also had remedials associated - this is reflected in the 'CR' status, and can be seen on the event, property Works planner, and the Compliance matrix:

As part of our Contractor Marketplace service, we have partnered with contractor networks that can perform different service events for your agency, helping you stay compliant. Please find more information in this guide.