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Invoicing on Fixflo has never been so easy, with the system allowing your contractors various methods of providing their invoice documentation to you. One option is that they can email their invoices directly to their unique email address, which will:

- Automatically attach it to the relevant issue
- Strip out cost details; net, gross and applicable tax
- Apply the invoice number to the issue

This will be very useful for contractors who like to use Quickbooks, Xero and other accounting software where they can create their invoices. The contractor will be able to input their unique Fixflo email against your agency's profile so that when they create an invoice and push send, it automatically goes to the issue on Fixflo.

In order for your contractors to use this feature, they will need their unique email address. This can be found by going to the contractor's profile and going to the invoicing section in the profile:

When the invoice is emailed to their unique email address, the contractor will need to ensure that the following information is included on the invoice: 

  • The IS number

Invoices are accepted as .PDF, .Doc and .Docx files. Please note, the email must be sent directly to the relevant email address - this CANNOT be in CC.

Once the invoice is successfully received, the contractor will receive an email notification alerting them:

This informs them of the issue number, that the document has been attached and that a cost breakdown has been provided; net, gross and VAT. The invoice number will also be stripped and applied to the issue.

If your agency has 'Require costs' set on, then this process removes the need for contractors to enter a cost breakdown on each individual issue!

Invoice failures

If the invoice does not match up with the above parameters, the system will not be able to recognise the issue it should attach to. There are a few reasons why this could happen, including:

- The issue has already been closed by yourselves

- There is no IS number on the invoice

- The invoice is sent to the wrong contractor email address (these are unique for each agency they work for)

- There are two IS numbers on the same invoice

If the above happens, the contractor will receive an email letting them know that the invoice could not be attached:

The document will then sit in their invoice inbox until it is manually attached to the correct issue by them. This can be accessed using the icon above their name, or via 'Document management' on the left-hand navigation:

All the contractor will need to do is click on the pending invoice itself, where they're able to see a preview of the document. From here, they are able to identify which issue it should be attached to, provide an invoice number and cost details, and manually attach it using the 'Submit' button - no downloads required:

Just as a reminder, these final steps won't be necessary if the invoice document includes the following information:

- The unique IS number (ISXXXXXXX) - this is a 100% match

As an agent, if your contractors often mention that their invoices don't automatically match you can amend the invoice settings by going into Setup > Settings > General

Turn the below settings to no so that it doesn't require the terms "invoice date" and "invoice number" anymore.

For a visual representation of this process - as well as a brief explanation of the emails that are sent out - please click here.