Contractor availability can be managed within your Fixflo site, allowing it to be made visible to you when contractors are unavailable for a period of time. 

Their unavailability can be added either by yourselves or by the contractors themselves. 

Managing Contractor Availability From The Agent Side

As an agent, you may want to add a contractor's unavailability for them. To do this you will need to click on 'People' > 'Contractors' and select the contractor which you would like to add unavailability for.

Once you are on their profile tab you will need to click on their 'Availability' tab:

Here you will be able to see their current status and add unavailability. 

To add unavailability, simply click on 'Add unavailability' and you will be able to see the following pop-up: 

Add the dates and then click 'Save':

Once added, these dates will populate onto the unavailability tab: 

There is an 'Edit' and 'Delete' button on the right-hand side of these dates:

Managing Contractor Availability From The Contractor Side

Contractors are also able to manage their own availability by logging into Fixflo and clicking on 'Setup' on the bottom of their left-hand menu sidebar > Availability

Here they will be able to see their unavailability and add their unavailability by clicking on 'Add unavailability':

This will allow them to add the dates which they will be unavailable:

Once they have added the dates on which they will be unavailable they will need to click on 'Save':

Instructing Works To A Contractor Where Unavailability Is Set

When you go to instruct works to a contractor where they have unavailability set, you will not be able to instruct a job to that specific contractor. 

He/she will not appear in the Invite Contractors list. To view the availability of a contractor, you will be able to filter out dates using the 'Available From X - To X' field. 

You will be shown the following pop up when you select a contractor who has unavailability set:

You can click 'Close' to select another contractor who is available when you need them, or 'Confirm' to continue with this contractor, despite this. 

 The same pop up is shown if you are requesting quotes from a contractor with unavailability set.